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Aoife Beary: Berkeley balcony collapse survivor dies, aged 27

Aoife Beary, a survivor of the 2015 Berkeley balcony collapse that killed six students, has died, aged 27.

She died after suffering a stroke in the Irish capital, Dublin.

Ms Beary had experienced life-changing injuries after a fourth-floor balcony collapsed in June 2015 while she was celebrating her 21st birthday.

A later investigation found that joists supporting the deck were suffering from dry rot and had been constructed by a company with a history of complaints.

In recent years she became an advocate for construction reform in California.

Ms Beary and her friends had been visiting the US under the popular J-1 summer working visa programme when the tragedy struck.

The balcony had been constructed by a company that had a history of legal claims against it and which it had not disclosed to the Californian state licensing board that regulates the building industry.


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